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Who are We


Hurstwood Lusitanos was formed in 2007 as a private stud dedicated to the breeding of the Lusitano as a successful sport horse for the 21st century.  We firmly believe that there is a place in the modern world for this most ancient of breeds and that the characteristics that have made the Lusitano one of the favoured breeds for top riding academies for several centuries can provide the basis for success in modern competition.


We are already seeing Lusitanos at the top levels in international competition and as they become more and more popular, we are convinced that they have an important part to play in sport horse production. 


Our Mission

Using a small carefully selected foundation stock, our aim is to breed a small number of pure-bred stock selecting for improved paces, particulary in the walk, rideablity and size while at all times preserving the fundamental character and look of the pure-bred Lusitano.  This pure-bred stock will then be used on both pure-bred and throughbred/warmblood stock to produce horses aimed at the top level in all disciplines.


Our Stallion

Our foundation stallion VINAGRE has been selected for his outstanding aptitude as a dressage horse.  He retains all the baroque character of the Lusitano but displays a ground covering walk, swinging back and elastic canter of a quality exceptional in for the breed.  His first crop of foals were born in 2009 and have inherited his quick brain and freedom of shoulder, as well as the excellent paces of both mother and father.  VINAGRE is available at stud by AI only

Our Mares
Our 2 foundation mares are both by the Olympic stallion - Guizo - the most successful Lusitano dressage horse to date.  They both have extraordinary walks and when ridden show a level of connection rarely seen in the Lusitano.

For more information please contact info@HurstwoodLusitanos.co.uk